Since our beginning in 2009, we have been perfecting our process. We guarantee open communication, professionalism, and quality — that’s the FORM difference.

What to expect

A Detailed Proposal
We work hard to ensure our final proposal clearly defines the project scope of work. We want to present information in a comprehensive way.

Dependable Hours
With the exception of major holidays, our office is open every week, Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm.

Transparent Communication
We aim to provide continuous and clear communication. We will do our best to avoid industry jargon and present information with clarity.

A Tidy Project
Our team has set the standard for cleanliness at a jobsite. As professionals, we take pride in what we do, and excel in keeping an orderly project.

Dedicated Project Manager
To ensure that your project is managed efficiently, we assign a Project Manager to take care of you and your project.

Genuine Care
If you have a concern, please share it with your Project Manager or FORM representative. We will do our best to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

Our Process

A detailed process produces great results.

FORM Design + Build has streamlined the construction process by assembling our team of experts to help with every step of the way — from design to build, while integrating the latest in technology to give our clients access to their entire project.

Let's Chat

(Approx. 15 - 30 minutes) With FORM, we always start our client relationships with a chat. During this chat, we’ll discuss your project vision and answer any questions you have about our services and company. If we check most of your boxes, and you feel we’re a good fit, we’ll email you a recap of the conversation and attach a detailed Pre-Construction Questionnaire (PCQ). The PCQ allows us to gather the additional information needed to prepare for our initial consultation.

Initial Consultation

(Approx. 1 hour) Once you have completed the Pre-Construction Questionnaire (PCQ), we schedule the initial consultation. This meeting will normally accompany a site visit or take place at the FORM office. During this meeting, we will discuss your project in depth. We review the PCQ and ask detailed questions so we can truly understand your vision, what issues you’re hoping to solve, and how you’d like your living space to function. We'll discuss timelines, project roles, and what to expect from us. Once we ensure that all the important items have been covered, we will present you with an estimated range of cost for your project. The estimated range of cost is a ballpark per sqft estimate based on our historical data of similar projects. At the conclusion of the meeting, we'll provide you a Pre-Construction Guidance Package that’s full of useful information about our company, our processes, and how projects like yours work.

Pre-Construction Services Agreement

Prior to entering into a Construction Agreement, there will be some pre-construction processes for which there will be fees that are separate from the construction contract. These pre-construction processes will be handled with a Pre-Construction Services Agreement (PSA). The PSA usually includes costs for design services (if needed), lead and asbestos testing (if needed), demolition and discovery work, assembling a detailed scope of work and estimate, and any other project requirements prior to construction.

* The PSA does not obligate you to enter into a Construction Agreement with us and you own all of the results covered by the PSA.

Construction Proposal

At this phase, you have signed off on design, made some material selection, we have completed all the PSA work, and we’re ready to review the construction proposal and refined budget. We will review the scope of work, all your material selections, the project plan and schedule, payment schedule, logistics, and concerns. You will meet your assigned Project Manager and discuss how communications will be handled. Once you’ve had all your questions answered and you’re ready to move forward, we will both sign the construction proposal. Now the fun starts!

Construction & Project Management

During the construction phase, your assigned Project Manager will be your main point of contact. They will actively keep you updated on all progress and changes. Your Project Manager will also handle the details of the schedule, ordering materials, project oversight, and coordination. All this information will be available to you via our online construction management software, Buildertrend. Through the Buildertrend client portal, you will have access to contract information, progress photos, schedules, materials selections, view and approve changes, and much more. Our clients love having 24/7 access to their project online and through the Buildertrend mobile app.

In-Process Changes

We understand, that throughout the course of any project, no matter how well planned, there will be changes. Whenever a change is requested or required, we will be prepared to accommodate those changes regardless of how small or large the change. Our Construction Proposal outlines how the cost associated with project changes will be handled.

Project Completion & Warranty

Closeout procedures are critical to the success of every project. When our crew has finished construction, we schedule all final inspections, and turn our attention to a thorough site clean-up. We remove and dispose of all construction debris and do a white glove inspection to ensure the project site is clean, safe, and ready for you. We have your assigned Project Manager walk the project site with you and answer any questions you may have. We’ll snap a few pictures of the completed project (if you approve) for our online portfolio. We provide you with a warranty binder upon completion and schedule a 12-month site visit to address any possible warranty items.

It's time to enjoy your new home. Thank you for letting us be part of your dream.

FORM Design + Build is ready to help

It’s time to make your dream home, your real home. Our team at FORM Design + Build is ready to help make that happen.