No one knows the nuances of your business like you do. However, FORM Design + Build knows how to make your commercial space stand out! Our team has extensive experience in Light Commercial Construction and Tenant Improvements (TI). We understand ADA requirements, fire code compliance, and specialize in office, retail, and hospitality spaces. Each project is completed with your selected interior finishes and the exterior curbside appeal your business needs. Your commercial space deserves the attention of FORM’s team of highly skilled professionals.

Commercial Construction

There are few things more exciting for your business than creating the space where your vision comes to life. FORM Design + Build has experience in both Light Commercial Construction and Tenant Improvements (TI).

If you’re in the real estate market for commercial space, you’ve likely heard of the terms light commercial construction, tenant improvement, build-out, and leasehold improvement. Maybe you’ve heard different people use these terms interchangeably. Do you happen to know the difference?

In short, these terms are basically the same when looking into a commercial business space – they are all structural and/or architectural changes needed to improve the commercial space.

Light Commercial Construction is a small-scale new commercial build or entire building renovation and retrofit project that mostly involve buildings that are less than four stories and cover about 25,000 square feet or less.

Tenant Improvement (TI), leasehold improvement, and build-out are three ways of describing the same concept - improving a leased business space.

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