It’s no secret that the California Central Coast real estate is at a premium. So, making the most out of your property is something that you should consider. Accessory Dwelling Unit (also known as a granny unit, casita, or guest house) are one the best ways to do so. ADUs can serve as rental properties, multigenerational housing, or just extra space. Whether you want to convert an existing space or build a whole new structure, FORM Design + Build has the experience to design and build the perfect ADU for you and your property.

An ADU can be a great investment

There's a lot to know about Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU).

An ADU can be a stand-alone building on a property or a converted space (garage, barn, or bedroom) with an independent bathroom, kitchen, and living area. While the most prominent benefit of an ADU is the amount of real-estate value it adds to your property, there are also other benefits of ADUs that make it a worthwhile investment:

• It can be used as a long-term, semi long-term, or (in some municipalities) short term vacation rental that provides a new source of income.
• It can be used as a guest space, art studio, home office, pool house, etc.
• ADU's are also great as senior housing for aging parents and grandparents. They're allowed the privacy they need along with the care they deserve.
• Communities also use ADU's to offer affordable housing to the members of the community.

FORM Design + Build is ready to help

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